Euro zone ministers agree to use ESM fund to backstop bank resolution

Ross J Burland  |  30/11/2020 19:23

Reuters has reported that the Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to use their bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), as an emergenc

Gold Price Analysis: Bears in the driving seat, but bulls will be keen to reload

Gold is currently trading at $1,779.10 between the day's range of $1,764.73 and $1,800.70, down some 0.46% at the time of writing. The price is firmly30/11/2020 19:08

S&P 500 top movers: IHS Markit Ltd shares jump to record high on S&P Global acquisition

Major equity indexes in the US remain on track to close the last day of the month in the negative territory. As of writing, the S&P 500 Index was down30/11/2020 18:52

NZD/USD backs off 0.7050 highs but remains elevated

NZD/USD briefly eclipsed the 0.7050 level on Monday, before sharply backing off highs going into the final 16:00GMT London fix of the month. However, 30/11/2020 18:34

USD/TRY Price Analysis: Bulls seeking a bullish extension from daily support

USD/TRY has been a complicated series of the price action of late, but the following is an illustration of how technical analysis from a top-down pers30/11/2020 18:19

WTI remains deep in red below $45 as OPEC meeting ends with no agreement on output cuts

Crude oil prices remain on track to end the last day of November in the negative territory as investors await the OPEC+ decision on output strategy. A30/11/2020 18:06

EUR/JPY sharply off highs as pair fails to set new monthly high above 125.14

EUR/JPY came within 1 pip of matching monthly highs set on 9 November in the immediate aftermath of the Pfizer/BioNtech announcement at 125.14. Howeve30/11/2020 17:44

USD/CAD: Loonie positive momentum to continue through 2021 – CitiBank

Analysts at Citibank see the USD/CAD pair moving to the downside over the next months. The see the pair around 1.29 in a three-month perspective and a30/11/2020 17:34

EUR/USD reverses and turns negative under 1.1950

The EUR/USD turned to the downside during the American session amid a recovery of the US dollar across the board and as equity prices in Wall Street p30/11/2020 17:28

USD/JPY climbs to fresh daily highs near 104.40 as DXY rebounds toward 92.00

The USD/JPY pair dropped to a fresh weekly low of 103.83 on Monday but reversed its direction during the American trading hours. As of writing, the pa30/11/2020 17:19

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TheFXApp’s Views

  • David Morrison

    Jan 12 2019
    Dollar spikes higher
    EURUSD falls back below 1.1500
  • TheFXApp Team

    Feb 05 2019
    Google and Total Report Ear...
    Big companies continue to report 4th quarter earnings and Google is the next with scheduled release date 4th February.

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